Salmon Fishing at the Puyallup River.

One thing I truly love about the Northwest is fishing. Especially salmon fishing! I don’t get how people say they’re bored of this state when we have a decent night life, and a great outdoor life.  Washington has so much to offer but yet a lot of people just stick to doing one thing. There’s more to life than just partying it up. I like to keep my balance between both. I like to experience as much of this place as I can.  Well here are some photos and videos of my latest outdoor adventures…


Me in my fisherman swag modeling next to our food. This wasn't at the Puyallup River. It was taken at my secret fishing spot.


My friend Ernie showing how it's done.


Our view at the Puyallup River.

Our catch from today.

Our catch from today.

Here’s a vid of our fishing trip today at the Puyallup River. We were only there for 2 hours. As soon as we got there we were catching the salmon like crazy. They were biting over there too. This was our first time at this river and people around us were getting frustrated because we kept hooking onto the fish. They were asking what we were using, if we were using a scent or what technique we were doing but we don’t even fish that much. All we used was 6foot 20lb test line, a hook, yarn, and corky. Feel for the bumps from the fish, then set the hook, and that’s it. We also almost saw a fight between two fisherman. I don’t know, but every time I’ve hit a river, it’s always the drunk rednecks who haven’t caught a damn thing that act like they own the river and start shit. Folks just can’t enjoy a peaceful time fishing without any drama.